Looking Forward

“Since 1920, together we progress”.

As a family-owned group, we take a long term view in everything we do, we believe in sustainable success, uncompromising commitment, and cherish our reputation.

This is why people and our joint venture partners trust Al Khonji in associating themselves with us and inviting us to manage their brands.

Through our customer-centric approach and pursuit of excellence, we add significant value – connecting people with properties, and marketing brands in a relevant, meaningful and emotional way that creates long-standing relationships based on respect, value, and trust.

Our long history, our business experience, our firm relationships and our valuable network with forward-thinking business practices blend into our corporate DNA and people-first philosophy whilst upholding the value of integrity with a spirit of collaboration.

About Us


"Together, we Progress"

Our vision is to be admired as a leading family business group, helping to build a better future by making a significant economic contribution and social impact to the communities and in the activities in which we participate.



We strive to build our family group by creating memories worth repeating. We serve others by working as a team and enabling each other to do their best.



We believe that living by good values is the key to good business. These core values of boldness, trust, commitment to stakeholders, teamwork, collaboration, and innovation, along with a rigorous code of conduct, are at the heart of every decision the company makes.



Al Khonji provides a network of relationships and capabilities that enable partners to collaborate and progress together successfully in Oman, across the GCC and into other regions of the world.

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